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Semester 1

Logotherapy as a theory of personality

Semester 2

Logotherapy as a theory of personality

Semester 3

Logotherapy and crisis intervention 1

Semester 4

Logotherapy in crisis intervention 2

Logotherapy as medical ministry 1

Semester 5

Logotherapy as medical ministry 2

our Basis: The curriculum by
Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Lukas

Viktor E. Frankl was a genious – no doubt!
He left the world a great psychotherapeutic-philosophical legacy; His ideas have been published in many books whose contents sometimes overlap, old and new texts are combined with different emphases. In the beginning Frankl wrote mainly for his psychiatric colleagues, presenting scientific essays and case studies. But he also published easier-to-understand transcripts of radio lectures intended for the general public. The moving account of his years in the concentration camps for example is world famous.
Frankl´s opus magnum was systematized by his student Elisabeth Lukas. She divided it into four major topics: First there is the anthropological part, the philosophical basis on which Frankl built on. This is followed by a large section on crisis prophylaxis and the question of how we can live so that the next crisis – which will inevitably happen sooner or later– will not burn us to the ground.


The third part constitutes the therapeutic approach – the core of logotherapy. It provides basic knowledge about human suffering for therapists and non-professionals alike.The fourth and final part of Elisabeth Lukas’ systematized teaching outline is called “medical ministry“ and is applied when all other healing possibilities have reached their limits, when only providing consolation is possible. Viktor Frankl explicitly talked about medical, not religious ministry.

These four large thematic blocks – which will take you through the entire work of Viktor Frankl – are divided into five semesters. The reason for this is, that the area of the therapeuticly incurable, the topic of medical ministry in case of incurable disease and strokes of fate require adequate attention.

Your Instructors

Dr. phil. Heidi Schönfeld

  • Former student of Elisabeth Lukas
  • Logotherapist in practice at the Elisabeth Lukas Archive
  • Managing director of the Elisabeth Lukas Archive gGmbH
  • Management of the Academy of Logotherapy
  • Management of the Online-Academy of Logotherapy

Dr. h.c. Alexander Vesely-Frankl

  • Former student of Elisabeth Lukas
  • Grandson of Viktor E. Frankl
  • Logotherapist
  • Degree in Science of Psychotherapy (M.A.)
  • Filmmaker
  • Management of the Online-Academy of Logotherapy

Hello and welcome to the

Online-Academy for Logotherapy

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Logotherapy Online Academy. Expect a challenging, lively and practically relevant training. We will be accompanying you on your way to becoming a profoundly educated logotherapist, a real Frankl-expert.“

Dr. h.c. Alexander Vesely-Frankl & Dr. phil. Heidi Schönfeld

A Message from Prof Dr. Elisabeth Lukas

Logotherapy is an exceptionally efficient form of psychotherapy. If you decide to do this training, you will be able to help sad, desperate, unhappy people. You will be able to ease much human suffering.This is something that is needed in our turbulent world filled with too many sad, desperate and unhappy people.“

Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Lukas talking to Dr. Heidi Schönfeld about the new Online-Logotherapy training

Virtual Learning – Enjoy full Flexibility

We are entering new territory and starting a project that does not yet exist anywhere else in the world. Logotherapy Online is based on the above mentioned five semester course curriculum developed by Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Lukas. On the one hand it incorporates original texts of Viktor Frankl, while on the other it is oriented towards every-day-reality and practical application.

We offer 104 hours of instruction in 223 training-videos that will take you through 5 semesters of logotherapy. You are free to create your own study day and watch our videos any time you like. Of course you can pause a video at any time to jot down important notes, or simply go back and listen to a challenging part again.

Logotherapy offers a wealth of challenging, thought-provoking ideas and concepts about human reality. If you choose to participate in this course, it is up to you at which pace and timeframe you dive deep into the “Third Viennese school of psychotherapy“. In addition you will receive suggestions for further reading, which will allow you broaden and deepen your understanding of the four main topics even more.

You will be guided! In addition to the instructional videos, you will have the opportunity to talk to our instructors Dr. phil. Heidi Schönfeld and Alexander Vesely-Frankl via live webinar once a month. These two hour live webinars will take place once a month on a Sunday. The main purpose of meeting face to face online is to facilitate an interactive exchange of ideas to deepen the understanding of current topics covered in the course, as well as personal issues and world problems in general.

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Things to know about our course logotherapy-online

Admission requirement

Logotherapy Online follows a demanding curriculum. Prior education equivalent to a college degree is required.

This course is NOT suitable as therapy. Anyone hoping to solve their own problems with this course can only be disappointed. Dealing with mental illnesses and therapeutic concepts requires personal mental stability. However, it is assumed that engaging with logotherapy is beneficial for personal mental hygiene, but only as an “unintended side effect” (Frankl).

How can I register?

You have decided to participate in our Logotherapy Online course – we are looking forward to getting to know you! Please get in touch with us via the contact form on this page or write us an email at: .We will invite you to a short personal conversation and send you the registration documents.

The application deadline for semester 4 is March 1, 2024.


The Online-Logotherapy course fee is 1050 € per semester. You will receive access to the videos of the current semester for a period of 6 months after which access authorization expires. Course material will be provided in digital form.

Semester dates

*You are free to join at the beginning of each and any semester we currently provide:

 Fall semester 2023/24 (semester 3)

September 2023 – January 2024


Summer semester 2024 (semester 4)

March 2024 – August 2024


Fall semester 2024/25 (semester 5)

September 2024 – January 2025


Summer semester 2025 (semester 1)

March 2025 – August 2025



How is the course logotherapy-online set up?

Video Tutorial

You can start the Online-Logotherapy course at any of the five semesters. At the beginning of the semester you will receive a code that allows you to watch the training of the respective semester in increments.

You will receive access to the first 10 videos at the beginning of the month. In the middle of the month you will be invited to a live-webinar to deepen and discuss what you have already learned from the videos. At the beginning of the following month, you will get access to the next 10 -12 videos. This way you can study your way through the semester in challenging but manageable increments.

We will also facilitate networking among students so that you can engage in constructive and productive exchanges with other participants at all times.

Study of literature

Additionally to the instructional videos, further literature study is an essential part of this training. Over the course of five semesters, we encourage all students to read the main works of Viktor E. Frankl. The course serves to open up and facilitate understanding of Frnakl´s complex work in all its aspects by way of concrete case examples and lively discussions. Another essential book is the “Textbook of Logotherapy” by Elisabeth Lukas, as well as any other of her books which illustrate and deepen the respective subject matters.

Live webinars

Once a month we invite you to join a two hour video conference with Dr. Heidi Schönfeld and Alexander Vesely-Frankl, in which you can share any questions or thoughts you have in order to deepen your understanding of logotherapy. Together we will reflect about the relevance of what has been learned in the context of personal, professional and general topics and world problems. We will also look at one or more sample exam questions for the purpose of practicing. This way you can see for yourself which areas you have already mastered and which may need further attention.

End-of-semester exam

Exams will be held online at the end of each semester. They will be short oral exams consisting of a few questions per student. A webcam is required in order to be able to participate. Dates and timeslots will be assigned individually.

For guest students, no exam is required.

After 6 months, your access to the videos of the current semester expires. You are welcome to sign up for the next semester.

Introductory message

Dates live webinars

  Fall semester 2023/24

  • September 24, 10-12 am CET
  • October 22, 10-12 am CET
  • November 19, 10-12 am CET
  • December 17, 10-12 am CET


Summer semester 2024

  • March 24, 10-12 am CET
  • April 21, 10-12 am CET
  • June 2, 10-12 am CET
  • June 23, 10-12 am CET

We will send you a zoom link before the live webinar starts. It is very important to us that we are able to see each other, therefore we ask all participants to use a webcam.

Combination online/attendance

You can also combine our Online-Logotherapy course with the in-person course in Bamberg.

Semester 3 attendance-course takes place:

  • September 8 + 9
  • October 6 + 7, 2023
  • November 2 +3, 2023
  • December 1 + 2, 2023
  • 12 + 13 January 2024

The dates for the following semesters until 2026 can be found here: 

The location is the Bistumshaus at Heinrichsdamm 32 in Bamberg.

Exam, exam dates & graduation

Exam, exam dates & graduation

The assessments will take the form of online multiple-choice tests conducted at the conclusion of each semester. These tests will comprise a series of questions.. Students will have the option to select from two available dates for signing up and taking the test. Dates and time slots will be announced during the semester. A webcam is necessary for participation.


Guest student

Guest students receive the same comprehensive and high-quality training ; they have access to all videos and can attend webinars. The distinction lies in the fact that a guest student does not participate in exams, is not eligible for supervision, and does not receive a degree. The tuition fee remains the same, as the training provided is the same.

Logotherapy-competence network

The number of logotherapy institutes around the world has increased significantly in recent years. It is therefore natural that the quality of the training offered varies. Unfortunately, there are also some institutions that pretend to teach logotherapy according to Viktor Frankl in order to promote their own theories, which have little or nothing in common with it.

The training in original logotherapy that we offer will enable you to achieve a level of competence that will place you among the best trained logotherapists in the world. This will not only benefit the quality of your own therapeutic work, you will also be able to exchange ideas with other logotherapists worldwide and participate in a wide variety of activities and congresses to contribute and deepen your knowledge.

Got more questions? Send us an email!

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